Hello There, Meet My Books

So I've gone through about 4 boxes of books and only now do I realize; "wait, all of those show up in the Dashboard feed." Oops. So hello there, those were a chunk of books I had tucked away in storage. I would love to say that's the last book-entry-spam, but I'm afraid I still have about 4 bookshelves to go. So, in advance, sorry! I'd turn that off if I knew how!


Meanwhile you're totally being saved all books I've decided to donate to the library - our local library has a sale room where used books are sold, and funds go to library-upkeep. That list I keep at GR because I can save a backup - and because the odds are high that after some time passes I'm going to ask myself "didn't I have a telecom policy book around somewhere?" ...Ok, that may take many years because I don't ever think "what I really feel like reading is telcomm policy!," but eventually, I'll ask myself something like that.


The other humorous thing I've realized? My parents are always lending me books that they've read. And I am apparently awful about remembering to return them (guilt guilt guilt!). And that's why I have a pile of books by Bob Woodward - and I never found any of them interesting enough to finish (after the Watergate ones, that is). I'll probably put all of those in a special box because I have the feeling my mom will agree and tell me to take them to the used book store, because she doesn't have shelf room for them either.