Problem with Review Post - Anyone Have any Tips?

So the way I'm trying to manage my reviews is to add quotes and update the same review post, only changing the time to the current date (when I've added an update) and then reposting it. Which used to work just fine - only now my posts are stuck in the draft area and never publish in Dashboard.


I've tried creating and posting a new text entry - that works, so it's not that I can't post. It's that I can't repost an old review/entry with a new time.


I've tried setting the time the following ways:

- same day, a few minutes in the past

- same day, a few hours in the past

- same day, a few minutes ahead, wait to see if it posts

- next day, hours ahead of current time - this actually worked, but only once.


I posted this under a bug reports in the Booklikes forum, but haven't' seen anyone else having this problem. Then again, I'm not sure anyone's doing the "update the same review post over and over" format that I'm trying.


Any clues? I suppose I could just cut and paste the whole thing into a new review, since there aren't any comments yet. Hmmm.


Later: The answer via the comments - I'd not set my Booklikes account to the proper time zone! (I'm traveling and forgot - silly me.)