Booklikes question: Where Have I Managed to Hide This Post?

Post in question from 5:03pm 5 November, 2013, where I gush about being able to read ebooks on American:

(oddly that link isn't working for me - so let's try: link)


The weirdness:

You can see this post on my blog, but I can't see it from within the Dashboard in my Blog area. No matter how far down I scroll, it's not there. Now when this happened it was also not showing up in the Dashboard - even though I could see it on my blog.


So I figured it might have something to do with the fact that I'd again changed time zones, so I went in and twiddled with settings and changed the zone. Still no change. So I let it be and decided to see if a day would change the problem. Nope, it's still not in my Blog area. I'll probably end up just posting it again and deleting the old one. But - weird.