Moments in Random Bookmark Material...

Ladies of the Grand Tour: British Women in Pursuit of Enlightenment and Adventure in Eighteenth-Century Europe - Brian Dolan

So I just got this used book in the mail - Ladies of the Grand Tour. And thanks to the item that the previous owner used to bookmark her place I now know her name and that she was traveling from Columbus, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia on December 22. On Delta airlines. With one checked bag. Yup, she left her boarding pass in the book.


This is a lesson that fate is directing at the right person - especially since I just blogged about using any scraps of paper handy to bookmark things.


I usually do forget that the pass has my full name on it - so I just double checked my last read on the plane and yep, boarding passes. Not like it's a huge "omg identity" issue. Instead I'm thinking in terms of what's best for the book - after that blog post I linked I've been reminded that some inks and papers are not at all good for books in the long term.