Random Kindle Sale Alert

Shining - Stephen King The Book Thief: Enhanced Movie Tie-in Edition (Kindle Edition with Audio/Video) - Markus Zusak

No idea how much longer this sale will last, but


The Shining by Stephen King

Currently as ebook on Amazon US for $2.90


The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

Same, $2.90 Don't think it's the enchanced version, that's just the image that Booklikes has for the ebook.


[Reposting this again since I just saw the Book Thief sale. Also must give a hattip to the place I often find sales I can't resist, Dear Author blog's Daily Deals. This particular deal here. Humorously I saw the King sale and went off and didn't read the rest. Today I saw the Book Thief and tried to talk myself out of it and failed. Heh.]