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A propos Goodreads's Quote of the Day for today.  (For background, see this article by the Quote Investigator).


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Batgrl commentary from this point on!:


First of all, I love Quote Investigator. There are SO many quotes out on the internet now that are wildly incorrect, and very few places trying to remedy that. In fact if you're searching the 'net now attempting to run down citation information for an author's quotes, you're in for a much, much harder job than you would have had a decade or so ago. Why? Because now there are multiple websites that share quotes (some are link farms or other spammy type sites) but almost all of them fail in offering any citation. So good luck finding out where the quote actually came from unless you're ready to search past the first 2-5 google results pages.


Tumblr is especially bad about this, and it seems like every other gif maker out there loves to slap a quote up without bothering to check whether it's true or not. Which always makes me wonder just how much those folk really love the author.


I was really sad/incensed for poor Arrigo Boito who keeps getting his quotes authored by Shakespeare, such that I got huffy and made him a jpg. And then found out the real story of the quote was more complex.


Me on Tumblr, Pt 1 (short version: if you care about the writer, you should care that the quote is correct)


Me "wait there's more!", Pt 2 (short version: translations are tricky!)


Shorter version - skip my links and just read this Quote Investigator post:


"When I saw you I fell in love..."


Where you'll find out how Shakespeare, an Italian opera, and a romance novel managed to collide.