BBC Radio 4: The Nine Tailors by Dorothy Sayers

The Nine Tailors - Dorothy L. Sayers

I meant to post this while episode one was still online, oops - it's not, but you should be able to listen to episode 5 if you want to hop in on the last three.


The Nine Tailors (link to episode 1 of 8)

"Posh sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey probes an unsolved jewel theft and a grave mystery. Dorothy L Sayers' mystery with Ian Carmichael. First Broadcast 17 Aug 2009."


Wikipedia: The Nine Tailors


I keep forgetting to snag borrow a copy of this from my mother - it's one of the Wimsey mysteries I've not gotten around to reading. As always, I enjoy BBC radio's version of Sayers. I'm counting this as an audio book but it's actually a dramatization. A very thorough one too. Specifics - loved the patter between Wimsey and Bunter. Bunter was particularly good in this version. (Meanwhile it's always SO hard not to type Whimsey.)


Quotes from the BBC 4 production:

Wimsey: Bunter, I warn you that I'm growing dangerous.


I'll revisit this review when I read the book. I always consider audio books somewhat the equivalent of reading the book, and dramatizations a bit less of one just because there's always a lot of editing to be done to pull that off. My grandmother, a drama teacher, was big on dramatic readings (old school!) and we have countless books of hers with huge amounts of writing in them and lots of crossed out paragraphs. Removing chunks of text is just the normal process of drama, like cutting parts of a play to fit the time you're given. Thing is, even when done well it's just not the same as reading the book. Not that it's a lesser experience - just different. Sometimes the right reader can make the audio version better, sometimes worse. And in the case of Sayers I do love reading her, so reading this when I can snag the time is actually something I look forward to. Plus it's so much easier to quote from a book!