Random Amazon Ebook Sale Alert!

Murder Must Advertise - Dorothy L. Sayers The Powers That Be - David Halberstam

If you're wanting any of the Dorothy Sayers mysteries as an ebook, check out Amazon US - I just got an alert for $1.99 sales on like 17 different books.


I know you'll forgive me for not listing them all though, right?


Also apparently I didn't remember that today's been dubbed Cyber Monday. So if you have a usual ebook site you buy from, check its prices out today.


And as always if you want to see what sales I can't resist check out my Via Kindle Sale Shelf.


LATER: I just bought all the Sayers that I didn't already own because I kept telling myself I'll be sharing them with my mom rather than just buying them all for my mom. I really need to have a way to have a shared shelf with mom without putting her on my account. Sigh. Ok, now stepping away from any website that sells anything today because I'm obviously way too excitable. I think I'm safe though, because books are my main weakness. Though I'm probably going to stay away from ThinkGeek and Archie McPhee, and nope, I better not even link those, you'll just have to google them.


Re: Amazon sales - If you're into nonfiction, a lot of David Halberstam books are on sale today. He's very lengthy though, which explains why I've already got two books of his but not finished them yet. I'll add the one I did buy to this post though, because it's a seminal mass communication work I've had on my reading list for ages.