NPR's Book Concierge: Much More Fun Than A List

I played with this for a while before I thought "oh right, I should probably pass this on!"


NPR's Book Concierge: Our Guide to 2013's Great Reads


They even posted an article on why they decided on this format - for those of us who like backstories. And even though the internet is apparently in love love looooove with lists I think this is a nice change.


I've now looked at lots of their book reviews. Now to add things to my wish list...


Downside: aw, they got fiction in my nonfiction. Dangit.


Also thanks to then hopping over to the book review history section and then to Amazon (US), I found out that Hanukkah in America is on sale for 1.99.


And for some free ebook fun, after you read:

You Came, You Saw, You Did WHAT?: A Ribald Roman History by Rita Mae Brown (NPR, Oct 2013) you can pick up Lives of the Caesars (or The Twelve Caesars or however its translated) by Suetonius - volumes here at Gutenberg (it's also free on kindle).