Amazon eBook Sale, Which I Can Now Pretend is a Gift I Had Planned All Along

The Searchers: The Making of an American Legend - Glenn Frankel

I heard a really interesting interview with the author of this book, which tells the story of the Fort Parker Massacre and the 1836 kidnapping of 9 year old Cynthia Ann Parker, as well as the 1956 film that was based on the incident. Parker was "rescued" when she was 34, but she didn't want to return, because she had married, had three children, and had spent more time as a member of her tribe than in "white society." The story is incredibly tragic because she no longer fit into the world she'd been taken from as a child, and she missed her children. Or so I interpret it from what I've read previously.


This was a perfect gift for my mother. When she lived in Oklahoma she'd taught elementary school, and one of her students was a descendant of Quanah Parker, one of Cynthia Ann's children and a famous leader. And we have many relatives living in east Texas, not far from the Fort Parker area. Plus I wanted to read it too, and at this price I could buy us both a copy. 


It's one of those books that I've only peeked at the writing, but am basing my purchase on how interesting the author interview was, and how well he presented the history. So I felt it was a good risk. I've managed to dig up that interview:


The Murky True Story Behind The Searchers

Slate Magazine, March 28, 2013 (audio soundcloud link on that page)


eBook link: The Searchers

Amazon US price currently: $2.99


If you're not interested in the book that audio gives an interesting account of the facts.


But now I'm back to the "so many books, so little time" delima and this book goes into the queue. (This is a problem that's not really a problem of course. But at least it's one problem I can fixate on and enjoy trying to solve.)