Steam Sale for December 26

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is to play video games. Even though the only childhood video games I played were on the Atari 2600 (ah, memories), gaming is something I've spent more time on as an adult and enjoyed like crazy. So even though I don't do stockings at the fireplace anymore and most presents this year were virtual (huzzah for ebooks!) at the moment I'm off to adventure in Titan Quest (Immortal Throne expansion is vital, it's always cheap on Steam - go for the Titan Quest Gold option to get original game and expansion - you need both).


I'm not much for zombie shooter games, but hey, free is free, I can't complain with that! The catch: the sale ends at the end of the day. Also it's the second in the series, no idea if that means anything storywise.


Steam: Left 4 Dead, 2


(Hopefully that link'll work.)


My excuse of the moment is that I need to test this laptop (2006ish, old) to see if it can play anything newish (which is one of the reasons I'm playing Titan Quest. And Torchlight.). Because I don't think it's easily upgraded. Hopefully I'll remember to use headphones, because I'm pretty sure the parental units would wig out if they heard zombie noises from upstairs...