And Suddenly From Underneath The Piles of Books and Packing Paper....

To Marry an English Lord -  Carol McD. Wallace, Gail MacColl

It's really, really hard - since I'm currently surrounded by boxes - not to build a small city out of them and then rampage through them like Godzilla. Except of course, a lot of the boxes  have stuff inside them. So maybe a box fort? The problem is always the same when you move - no floor space left to have fun with all the stacks of stuff.


So it's two days to go before the move. Working very hard on finishing all the packing and not freaking out. And tomorrow I have to take time out to restock on caffeine - because it's vital I don't run out of that!


I'm wildly annoyed that I can't manage to read during the breaks I grab for rest - because I can't keep my mind focused on anything but making To Do lists. Though what I have read of To Marry An English Lord (yet another "it was on sale! I had to buy it!" ebook) so far has been enjoyable - all about the rich Americans who invaded Europe and made all sorts of interesting matches for their daughters. I'll have some fun quotes from that when I next get a chance to add them. ....Probably in a week? Maybe?