Er, 10 Things Minus 9?

I do love the Ten (Random) Things (About Yourself) meme, but my brain is not cooperating. It's alternately pestering me to finish writing reviews (which are sitting mournfully in the Draft corner) or to finish reading the multiple books I've (as usual) managed to start all at the same time. It's like chocolate or potato chips - I always say "oh I'll just have one" and then...


I am really psyched to review one book that I found in an online library though, and I'd been wanting to read it again since childhood. That I'll try to whap out tomorrow. By that time I'll have returned the ebook and so it won't seem like a tease because it'll still be checked out.


So here's the One Thing that is the most amusing: I almost ended up with a joke name. Sorta.


My father felt that it would be so amusing to name me Amanda Lynn - get it, a mandolin? And no, we are not a musical family. Mom veto'd that.


Dad's next suggestion: Sara Lee. Because of the baked goods. Mom both veto'd that and took dad out of the name-suggestion committee, which then comprised only herself. So I have a normal name after various great grandmothers. Actually I should feel vast relief, because we have family names like Telephus in the tree. And others so unique you'd be able to find the family via google. Most seem to be inflicted on the males though, poor things.


Cute ending to the story - when mom was getting ready to do the birth announcements dad drew something and made it into a card - a card shaped like a book. He and mom were listed as co-authors and I was the "latest edition," date of birth the publishing date, etc. Yes, we are a bookish family.