Reading Update...

Necropolis: London and Its Dead - Catharine Arnold

The goth in me (once a goth, always a goth, even if you don't wear the Siouxsie makeup anymore), not to mention the London-phile, is really loving this book. I'm going to have problems not deluging the review with quotes because there are so many interesting details. It's been a great book for sending me googling to see images of these cemeteries and the various monuments - which is just the kind of thing that makes me a slower reader at times, but it's such fun to take those virtual tours.


I'm blanking on exactly who suggested this book to me back at GoodReads - Chris/The Fish Place? I think? It was SUCH a spot-on recommendation! Amazon only just now has it in ebook form but I'd snagged a paperback a few months ago because I gave up waiting for it. Besides, I already have a fair amount of books on my cemetery shelf - er, the real life shelf, not just the virtual one.


This book is yet another one that's leading me to countless other interesting books, and at least three that I've found are available online. (Yep, those links are saved, also to be in the review. I always have to pass on the public domain stuff - it's always like a gift finding those texts.)


Also MUST make myself sit down and write up 4 or so other finished books that need reviews! (That I have a chunk of quotes for, all ready to cut and paste, but I keep procrastinating!)