There's a Random Art and Austen and Publishing Question....

...but it's hidden under this (previous) post where I reblogged a really looong infographic! It's one of the few quibbles I have about reblogs in Booklikes - if you reblog something shared as a photo-post (all-text posts are different!) there's no way to add a title or an alert of some kind so the reader knows you're about to discuss something after the graphic. Unless I've missed how to do this, in which case, do let me know!


Anyway, here's the cover of the copy of Pride and Prejudice I was referring to in that post:


Pride and Prejudice Cover


I probably should have taken the photo against a background with a deeper color. Though the design and lettering are faded and would be a bit hard to make out, no matter the background. I can't decide whether the artist was going for peacock feathers or lotus flowers - or something between the two.


The question (if you want the short version, without the reasoning or the links to other illustrations and hooha):

So here's the thing - Thomas Crowell (publisher of my book) was sold (eventually) to Harper & Row which became Harper Collins - and I can't see that it was snagged by Macmillan. (My usual resource for who owns what doesn't mention Cowell publishers.) So I'm not sure about the publication of this set of illustrations. Or maybe it was used by more than one publisher? (Hop in if and tell me if you have any links or info!)


But then you'll miss my links to the Mr. Collins illustrations, one of which has Darcy with a monocle. Heh.