Wildstar Beta: Because I'm Just As Gleeful over Virtual Books


I'm a sort of video game collector at this point - I really need to move the MMO's I Have Played list over here, just to keep tabs on it, because I'm now adding two or three to the list. Frankly if there's a beta I'm going to sign up to try it. And if there are in-game books to read, that's always something I'll consider a plus. Or just stacks of books - that always feels home-like.


In these screenshots I'm having yet another in-videogame-moment where I covet furniture. Specifically the bookshelves with the antennas and light-up meters. I've posted two shots here, but there're more here on my tumblr.  Bookshelf specific post is here, with more shots of that Relic Room, which I had a great time exploring just to look at all the nicknacks. (Oh and I haven't posted shots of my robot alt yet, for those who might wonder!)


Game website: Wildstar

Genre: Scifi - vaguely western, vaguely steampunk, factions have a Rebel/Empire flavor, lots of humor and pop culture references

Out of beta: this June


Still undecided whether I'll buy it - I really dislike the "pay $60 then a monthly fee" and haven't figured out whether I can manage the "make enough in game money while playing the game and pay off the fee" yet. Also I already have four mmos I can already play for free, so it's not as if I have much free game time around that. However if it eventually sells for less than $60 I'd consider it. I can buy a LOT of books for $60.