REBLOG: Some Theme Bug Fixes

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But first - Batgrl Preface Text! Written With Much Gratitude!


Thanks to Debbie for reblogging this - I hadn't scrolled down far enough in the stream to catch Baelkina's entry yet! (Also I hadn't checked back on the discussion thread since day before yesterday, oops. I wasn't expecting a response this week!)


Blockquotes are now fixed in the theme Custom Colors and Bundled - even though Baelkina's busy with real life stuff she still made time to mess about with code. Thus is the way of those who write code (everyone I've ever known that makes it that is), they want what they've designed to look and work as intended. (Added later: humorous aside, I didn't know Baelkina designed both themes til I'd read her posts on the discussion thread, which I only read after posting this.)


Example of my recent tremendously long review which contains 13  book quotes here!


So thank you so much, Baelkina!


I'm somewhat embarrassed that I didn't even realize I was following the blog of the one of the designers of both the themes I was posting about! Or that it didn't occur to me to contact the designers. In my "I wasn't thinking" defense, I was mostly fixated on the lack of preview for blockquotes (in reviews) in the Booklikes customization screen - which is definitely something that Booklikes have to add. (It still makes it impossible to know in advance what blockquote look you'll get for the paid themes.)


Seriously, you have no idea how relieved I am that I no longer have to twiddle with the code. Erm, I may have created some ugly things in doing so. Thankfully I was playing with code offline and didn't put anything on my blog, because - ugh. (Someday I will triumph over CSS, I swear.)


Currently I'm using Custom Colors. But I also liked Bundled, so don't be surprised if you see me switch back and forth. Perhaps multiple times. This may take a bit of dithering.


And now non-batgrl-text reblog to follow....



Late last night I stumbled across a post under the BookLikes Official Group discussion board about some issues regarding the blockquote functionality/readability for both of my free themes. I have corrected the colours for links made inside a blockquote (silly me, I hadn't even tested for that!) for the Bundled theme. -edit- Forgot that I also changed the colours for blockquotes to a lighter shade and dark text, for readability/ease on the eyeballs. ^_^


I have also made some changes to the Custom Colours theme. I have stripped out all the styling for the blockquotes and instead added an option to change the background and text colours inside the customisation panel. I hope this change won't upset anyone... but this specific chunk of coding had already had problems before, so I've just squashed the entire thing to prevent any future problems.


I just sent in the updated files to BookLikes so these changes will probably be applied soon (at latest probably Thursday when other updates are pushed through). Any questions or feedback, feel free to chat me up in the comments to this post. :D


ETA: Hopefully I haven't introduced any new bugs... if anyone spots anything going crazy, please let me know!


Update: BookLikes has already applied the theme updates, however, I just sent in a couple of more updates for both themes. There was a gap at the bottom of posts without tags for the Custom Colours theme, fixed that! Also, I added in the blockquote overflow code to stop them from hiding underneath the books and other floated elements for both themes.



I'm a little busy this week and my PC time is less than usual as I am hiding downstairs (where my WiFi blows) to keep cool while SoCal goes through yet another super heat stretch... temps are in the mid 90's... and it isn't even summer yet! *cries*


I'll catch up with all of your awesome reviews this coming weekend when the temps go back to survivable 70s... til then, have a great reading week everyone! :)