Blurred Lines and Word Crimes and Sentence Diagrams

Whispers from the Pirate Coast's post reminded me I watched this yesterday...


Weird Al Yankovic - Word Crimes (youtube 3:45)



Which I have to post because

1) I love all the pop culture visual references here and

2) Boy I had a moment of anti-nostalgia for diagramming sentences. I love writing, I never regretted being an English major, but oh did I not like diagramming sentences. It wasn't the naming what each part was - it was the layout of how you were supposed to do it. I never did get the whole diagonal lines and trees methods. Thankfully I only had to worry about that in elementary school because it didn't come up in college - or ever again in life.

3) Also I did not ever expect the song Blurred Lines to have me musing about sentence diagrams.


Happily I never did have a sentence diagram phobia. What I did have was a phobia of elementary school Board Races. Those occurred on rainy days or holidays when the teacher - for "fun" - had the class compete by racing each other to do math problems. Two people at the blackboard, in the front of the class, everyone watching, and math speed tests of a problem the teacher would read aloud for us to copy down and work out. For fun. I'm fairly certain this was one (of many) things that made me really hate math. (I get along with it much better now.)