When You Need a "Waiting Room and Errands" Read

Carnacki, The Ghost Finder - William Hope Hodgson

One of the reasons I'm always reading more than one book is because tend to read for different purposes. Some books for lulling me to sleep (no suspense or cliffhangers or I'll be up all night finishing it), some are for feeding my brain particular information (history, journalism, etc.), some are for when I need cheering up, etc. And then there are those books that I can read bits of and set aside whenever someone interrupts me - I read/use this type of book a lot. You know, either you have to stop and do something ("the doctor will see you now") or someone else thinks reading should be (always) interrupted in favor of conversation (oodles of people feel this way about other people reading, oddly).


[Aside: Have you ever had a complete stranger talk to you on public transport while you're reading? It never fails to startle me, because I'm usually really into what I'm reading. Also then I have to have a moment of "crap, do I know this person?!" while I figure out if I do or not.]


Anyway, I picked up Carnacki, the Ghost Finder for just this reason, since it's a series of short stories. (Author William Hope Hodgson's books have been recommended by various sources.) I've been SO wildly amused with it - mainly because it's yet another B movie-type book (like Zorro, though definitely not as cheesy), and has some funny slang of the times (1913). Also I'm laughing at some annoying tics the main character has because I know someone who does this in real life - I've always felt badly that I get so irritated with it, but now I'm thinking it may be a universal annoyance. (More detail - and I'll have lots of quotes to test this theory - in the review.) Oh and the goofiness of some of the ghosts has me flashing back to Scooby Doo-unmasking-the-villain moments.


Short version: I am having fun with this!


Meanwhile I really would prefer to be reading Rebel Heart, but I can't use Open Library books on any of my portable devices - ah, the joy of using Adobe Digital Editions. I'm hoping Open Library will eventually allow the use of some software/app that I can use when I'm not at my computer. It's also reminded me that I really need to get a better computer chair, for those long reads.


[Restraining self from going off on a tangent about how it's ridiculously hard to find a comfortable upholstered chair that feels good on your back/shoulders yet that you can use at a computer desk. Oh and that doesn't cost thousands of dollars.]