Reading In Progress: Me and Libraries, Argh

Rebel Heart: The Scandalous Life of Jane Digby - Mary S. Lovell

I am enjoying this book SO much. But I've yet again discovered that I can have the SAME problem with digital/online libraries that I can have with their terrestrial kin. I have an awful time figuring out how much time it'll take me to read a book. And I get distracted sometimes. So I have a rotten time finishing some books in two weeks, while others I read in a few days easily.


Now I have a chunk of this book to finish before the due date tomorrow. Normally I'd just check it out again - but the great thing about Open Library is that you have a notification that someone else is on a waiting list. I LOVE this. Seriously. Most of the time I'm reading books that I assume no one checks out - in the paper libraries of yore I knew this was the case due to the lack of stamps on the book card. (Which always made me sad.) Also I hate to be rude, if I'm using something someone else needs/wants.


But it does mean I'm having to motor through the rest of this book tonight. Which means I really need to stop writing notes about it and just read, except I'm having SUCH fun writing notes - just to keep track of the plot - er, I mean the history. Here's a sample - in the review I'll post the full thing under spoilers in case you end up reading the book, although it's history so not exactly spoilers right? Not that you know who's who in the following...


Charles: So now that I'm betrothed to Jane I'm feeling protective and I feel personally affronted that Felix doubted my Jane and treated her this way. I'm writing to Felix to challenge him to a duel unless he formally denies these stories.
Jane: I've already written him telling him we're going to be married. I might have hinted that even now he could tell me to return to him and I would.
Me: Everyone is REALLY into letter writing.
Felix: Hey I NEVER suspected that Jane was unfaithful! (Though I totally did. And said that out loud. To many other people.) I said we had to part because our "tempers were incompatible." I totally wish you both the best! And I just wrote all that to you in a letter because I never do get around to talking to Jane in person since I ran off years ago!
Author: That incompatible part is a direct quote too.
Me: Is this dude for real?! Also I note he doesn't mention his and Jane's child!
Author: I know right?!


I'll also post quotes so you can see that the author's style is very much history writing, but the material is just SO amazingly lively at all times that you can't not make this sound like a complete soap opera. And I am enjoying it despite the whole "I didn't plan to have this kid so let me find a place to drop him/her off" thing - which, sigh.


Ok, enough break, back to reading...