My Most Read Authors According to Goodreads (Following Other's Posts!)

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I'm glad they posted about this - I'd have never noticed this option without them! I only peek at GR now and then to see if anything's changed. (Once a communications student, always a communications student!)


I was curious to see what my GR account would come up with for my authors. As I expected my high school hobby of trying to read all of Agatha Christie's books skewed things a bit. (It helped that my mom was wild about Christie mysteries at the time. But it would have been so much easier with wikipedia and GR having actual lists of books published, especially when there were variations in titles by country.) You can also probably tell I was an English lit major.


Here's a fun thing - I had a LOT of ties. There's  a 13-way tie below, but that that wasn't the largest example. Somehow I don't think it's particularly unique to have read at least two books by the same author - I bet a lot of people have that same kind of tie occurring in their lists. If you're really curious here's the link to my list.


Where to find your own list: Your GR page for My Books, then scroll down and look to the bottom left. It's in the same area where you find the options to export all your book data.


(Putting this behind spoiler because it's long, even though it's not the full list.)



(show spoiler)



Realization: I do not read nearly as many mysteries as I used to. Also I've been shy for a long time to document the romance and fantasy books I've read for fear of fans (because I didn't star it highly) or book snobs - and I think some of those authors would be up on that list. I'm gradually getting over that shy thing - reading Dear Author and Smart Bitches has helped. I don't think I've ever been so much a book snob as someone who feels some book genres (and their marketing) push me away by telling me "You are not the intended audience! This is not for you!" (I think that's a whole blog post in itself though, just to unpack it all.)