I Am SO Not Allowed in The Thrift Shop Again...

Americans in Paris: Life and Death under Nazi Occupation 1940-1944 - Charles Glass The Last Madam: A Life in the New Orleans Underworld - Christine Wiltz

I have a relative that volunteers at a thrift shop. I could not do that myself because I would end up bringing home more things than I'd ever need. I'd go into Happy Magpie Mode and think "I can use that!" and "ooo shiny!" and "Unloved orphan books! Must rescue!"


Today we had to pick up said relative and give her a lift home - and I thought it couldn't hurt to just peek at a shelf or two. (Yes, you should hear a warning alarm at that sentence.) Of course that was where I'd picked up the book First Gentleman of the Bedchamber for $1 - which I only just now realize I've not remembered to write a review for - yeesh. I really need to sit down next week and do some writing. My problem is that I always want to spend more time reading my current book than summing up one that I've finished.


Anyway. I thought I'd be safe in nonfiction - there were only three shelves - but no. Americans in Paris: Life and Death Under Nazi Occupation was $1.50 and The Last Madam: A Life in the New Orleans Underworld was 50 cents. Could NOT resist. Why did I stop at just two? Time! The shop was about to close! Which was probably a good thing. Relative was rolling her eyes because I am notorious for having so many books. Which yes, I do! One of the other volunteers said she was the same way with shoes. Everyone does have That One Thing that is so hard to resist when you bump into it in a shop, right? But still, next time I must make sure not to drift into that corner of the shop. Way too dangerous. At least it was inexpensive dangerousness.


Meanwhile no one can see the virtual shelves of my ebooks, so they'll never know how large a room it'd take to hold all of them! And I do not need to dust.


I had another "keep me away from the store" moment online earlier - buying a gift book and instead managed to email it to myself. Facepalm. Auto-fill and lack of caffeine were not my friends. (Thankfully it was fixed. Yay, ebook presents.)