Another link because I am lazy...

Writing-for-work project finished (we'll call it a proposal and leave it at that for now) and so I'm in the fun state of "now that I've sent that in I'm imagining all the areas in which it could be better written but I'm afraid to look at it again because that could be so and now I can't change it...also I hope I didn't leave anything out..." - and whenever I start down that road? Time to go do/think on something else for a bit.


Since I am too lazy to jump into the pile of Hey We've Been Sitting Here A While All Finished Waiting for You to Review Us books, I'm going to go back to reading (still can't decide on what) and cheat by posting a link. Which I suppose I could somehow transfer from my book tumblr but that's always fussy thing when there are multiple images, and besides this way you can see the reblog source (if you're so inclined to follow that rabbit to its hole).


So I give you (a title I'm making up): Samuel Johnson chats words with Shakespeare.

I hadn't ever seen that particular colorized illustration of Shakespeare. (Is it Victorian?) Meanwhile Johnson looks suitably grumpy in that portrait, as always. The painting's by Joshua Reynolds, who was a friend of Johnson. I'd really love to know what they were discussing during that painting session where he captured Johnson's facial expression. (I didn't google much, so I don't know if there is any story behind it.)


Oddly before my brain clicked that it was Johnson I for some reason had Samuel Pepys in mind. Which I'm going to blame Lucy Worsley for because I was just watching a documentary where she calls Pepys a stalker for following pretty women down the street and attempting to fondle them. Which, yes, I'd say that title fits. Meanwhile I can not get enough of Lucy Worsley documentaries. If the BBC had a Netflix type service I would sign up just to watch that sort of thing, and that's aside from the Doctor Who episodes I'd also pay to stream. They're seriously missing out.